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11 Female Podcasts You Need To Add to Your Library

Whether you have a long daily commute or love walking to stay active, the right podcast can help keep you inspired, excited, and confident about what the day, month, and years ahead might hold. 

Podcasts are bite-sized and high-energy ways to stay engaged with history, news, finances, and anything else that might hold your interest, and there are more unique podcasts to listen to than ever before. 10PM Curfew has your closer look at the female-driven podcasts you won’t want to miss. 

Female Podcasts To Listen to Today

For too long, women’s voices have been kept out of media and content creation, but the rise of social media and indie production opportunities have allowed those voices to really shine through. 

These are just a few of the top women-centric podcasts by and about women that will give you insight into the past and future of women’s rights, agency, and relationships. 

1. The Financial Feminist

The Financial Feminist, hosted by Tori Dunlap, will change the way you think about money forever. She breaks down the money myths that have been told and perpetuated by white men, providing insight and expertise that women and people of color can begin applying to build their own wealth. 

Her financial advice is designed for millennial women and younger generations but can benefit anyone who has guilt, confusion, or even apathy surrounding wealth and personal finance. If you never want to hear, “Just make coffee at home” again, Tori’s Financial Feminist podcast is the one for you. 

2. Stuff Your Mom Never Told You

Stuff Your Mom Never Told You is hosted by Anney Reese and Samantha McVey, and it dives into the universal experience of womanhood — whatever that might mean. It covers an expansive range of topics, including everything from sex and sexuality to parenting to fashion, and gives a unique and accessible look at the lived experience of being a woman. 

In addition to personal, anecdotal, and humorous accountings of life as a woman, the show draws on modern research to explain the connections, parallels, and practices we engage with every day.

3. The Guilty Feminist

If it feels like you just can’t get it right all the time, The Guilty Feminist is the podcast to soothe your heart and soul. Comedian Deborah Frances-White hosts this podcast and provides the safe space many of us need to explore our relationship with feminism and ask the questions we often don’t know the answers to. 

Of course, Frances-White keeps everything funny and engaging, but she doesn’t shy away from the tough subjects of modern feminism. For those of us who have felt like hypocrites on our journey toward equality and equity, there is a community to be found in The Guilty Feminist.

4. Encyclopaedia Womannica

If you have five minutes and an urge to learn about the women who have come before you, Encyclopaedia Womannica is the podcast you’ve been waiting for. It’s hosted by Jenny Kaplan every weekday and provides a brief but comprehensive look at the women through history who have been erased, ignored, undermined, or simply forgotten. 

Some are from antiquity and ancient history, and some are from the modern day, but all of the stories are inspiring and exciting and sure to make you feel like you’re part of a long and important sisterhood. 

5. The History Chicks

Looking for even more history about women? You can’t go wrong with The History Chicks, a podcast hosted by Beckett Graham and Susan Vollenweider that first launched in 2011. Currently, two hour-long episodes are released each month, where the hosts provide a deep dive into the lives and deaths of some of history — and fiction’s — most prominent women. 

They don’t shy away from the tough stuff, but these hosts provide the in-depth biography of historical women that has so often been reserved for men. Explore politicians, pop culture icons, and everyone in between in The History Chicks. 

6. Call Your Girlfriend

Long-distance relationships with partners — hard. Long-distance relationships with besties? Way harder. 

The podcast Call Your Girlfriend was hosted by IRL besties Aminatou Sow and Ann Friedman, who understood the art of the catch-up phone call and made you feel like you were part of the group with every new episode. 

While the show is no longer updating, there is a wide archive of topics to explore, and each one feels like getting on a call with your best friend. 

7. Anonymous Was a Woman

Book lovers have likely heard the Virginia Woolf quote, “For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.” And if that frustrates you as much as it frustrates us, then you will definitely dig the podcast it inspired. 

The show is hosted by book lovers Jamila Rizvi and Astrid Edwards and gives a platform to books written by and about women and the history of women storytellers. It’s like a book recommendation list and a cozy book club all rolled into one, and you’re sure to find the next great story for your TBR when you tune in. 

8. Girlboss Radio

If you’re looking to build a business, grow your company, or simply stand out in the boardroom, Girlboss Radio is the podcast you need. It’s hosted by Sophia Amoruso and Neha Gandhi, the creators of Girlboss. It provides the advice and expertise modern women need to navigate the business world without sacrificing their hearts and souls. 

The hosts welcome many guest speakers, who provide personal insight into navigating complex business challenges and offer discussion about work, life, and family balance. If you’re looking to hear stories about women making it work and feel inspired to take the next step, dive into the deep end of Girlboss Radio. 

9. Second Life

Maybe you’re stepping back from the career you’ve built and grown for yourself to try something new or different. Second Life is the podcast to help. It’s hosted by Hillary Kerr, who helps guide listeners through big life changes so they can feel empowered, confident, and excited every step of the way. Changing careers, new cities, or positions can be scary and overwhelming, but you’ll feel like you can go after the things you want when you listen to Second Life. 

10. The Player’s Pod

If you love hearing women’s stories but you’re looking for something a little more niche, The Player’s Pod is the podcast for you. It’s hosted by Olympic gold medalist Kelley O’Hara, who brings in the voices and experiences of outstanding women from the pitch, field, and court. 

This podcast is a platform for women athletes and fans alike and will even appeal to the girlies who hated gym class in high school. 

11. Nobody Panic

Being a grown-up is hard. From shopping and cooking to paying the bills to generally figuring out what to do with our lives, we’re often faced with challenges and decisions that can feel overwhelming and out of our depth. 

Nobody Panic provides a humorous and supportive look at how to navigate the complexities of adulthood without losing your mind (or your sh*t), so you can focus on creating a life you enjoy. 

The hosts are Stevie Martin and Tessa Coates, and they take each new episode to answer some of life’s big and small questions, along with the help of guests each week. If you’re just feeling a little overwhelmed, Nobody Panic is the podcast that reminds you you’re not alone and that you actually do got this.


From the history of women authors to the modern financial gurus with an eye toward what women need, there are podcasts for every type of feminist and woman. It’s easy to tune into your favorite hosts to learn how to navigate the business world, advocate for yourself, or create a whole new career, and each one will leave you feeling empowered, excited, or comforted. 

Whether you love listening to podcasts while you take your morning hot girl walk or while you do the laundry sitting in the hamper, you’re sure to find hosts and stories that help you feel connected to the history and experience of women through time.

You can learn about these podcasts and all the ways to connect to your favorite content creators right here at 10PM Curfew. We’re the team you can trust for marketing insight and a pulse on what’s working in the social world, and we have the news, insight, and advice you won’t want to miss. Learn about how you can join our team and get the insider scoops today.


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