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Female Social Publishers’ Approach to Millennial Marketing

When it comes to millennial marketing, creating the perfect marketing campaign can feel a little overwhelming. Millennials are starting to achieve financial stability and self-reliance, but they’re also the first generation to really be exposed to digital marketing, and they may not be so quick to bite when it comes to the latest new product.

If you have something they can truly use, however, or if you can show your target demographic exactly why they’re sure to fall in love with your brand, you can be very successful in marketing toward millennials. 

10PM Curfew has your closer look at how female social publishers approach millennial marketing, so you can begin developing the ultimate marketing strategy and meeting potential consumers where they live.

Millennial Marketing: A Female Social Publisher Approach

When it comes to millennial marketing, there are some unique steps you’ll want to take. Marketing to millennials can be very different from marketing to previous generations, like baby boomers, because millennials have been online almost since the start. 

Organic and approachable marketing is especially important when it comes to developing a marketing strategy for millennial customers and to leveraging your special media platforms. Here are just a few of the ways female publishers can make the most of their social media presence to market to millennial consumers. 

Determine Your Audience

Regardless of your digital marketing plan, you always want to start by defining your demographic and target audience. This includes details like education level, income, and location, but also the type of social media platforms that they frequent most. Every social platform will have different media content needs, so you want to make sure your team is only developing content that will be positively received by millennial consumers on that platform.

Another thing you really want to look at when targeting millennial buyers is age. Older millennials tend to have traits similar to Gen-X, whereas younger millennials often take on the behaviors and practices of Gen-Z. Most social media platforms allow for demographic analysis that includes an age breakdown, and this can be very helpful for your marketing agency to make the most of their content marketing. 

Allow for Content Saving and Sharing

You want to make the most of organic traffic when marketing to millennials, and sharing and saving options are essential for this. Women often send recipes, ideas, travel destinations, or financial tips to their friends as a form of love and communication, and any social media content with potential virality should have a sharable function to promote and support this.

You’ll also want to make sure that it’s easy for your customers to save these links, photos, and video content since that will help to boost your position in the algorithm and will ensure that you continue to connect with the right potential audiences for your brand. 

Focus on Visual Content

No matter the generation, women consumers tend to connect with visual ads and online content. This rings true for Gen-X, Gen-Z, baby boomers, and millennials. 

There is overlap, however, in that, all millennial consumers tend to respond well to multimedia, which demographic evidence indicates that they’re more likely to interact with. 

That means you’ll likely want to prioritize the platforms where multimedia is most efficient and easy to share — like TikTok.

Provide Reviews and Testimonials

Millennials also respond well to organic content and testimonials since they’ve been exposed to direct marketing and advertising online since the very beginning. Authentic content is a good way to catch the attention of millennial customers, and that’s why influencer marketing is so successful with this demographic. 

They often rely on the voices and reviewers they trust when making purchasing decisions, so it’s worth it to factor in that element of trust when creating your millennial marketing strategy.

Skip the Girl Boss Vibes

In addition to recognizing inauthenticity in advertising, millennial buyers are quick to catch onto inauthentic girl power marketing. The early aughts had a whole lot of girl boss vibes, which were typically girl power on the surface with no substance or real change within the business itself. This often looks like promoting pink-exclusive products or using language designed to empower women in a shallow way.

It’s important to have women on your team going over these marketing efforts to ensure that any women-centric advertising comes across as genuine and is supported by the programming and development on the backend. These consumers are quick to recognize which companies walk the walk and which ones are only trying to make a quick buck. 

Embrace the Good Feels

Along the same line, it can be useful to highlight the genuine good that your company is doing and to offer potential customers to come along on the journey with your business. Just look at the success of the Toms brand, which focuses on providing footwear for people in need around the world with every purchase.

Millennial customers have proven to respond well to authentic, feel-good marketing campaigns, but that authenticity really is the key. If they feel like your business is milking a good cause framework just to sell products, they’ll definitely walk fast in the other direction. 

Make sure to provide complete transparency and honesty about the type of good work that you’re doing, and allow for outside audits and reviews so that consumers feel safe joining your journey to make the world a better place. 

Get Personal

Another way for your business to come across as authentic and accessible is to dust off some of the shine and let potential customers peek behind the curtain. 

This can mean showcasing your production process, introducing the leader of the business, or telling stories about mistakes of the past and how your business rectified and fixed them for the future. 

This type of honesty will help your business come across as authentic, making it more trustworthy and believable. This will make your audience more likely to click through to the very end. You can also use influencer marketing at this stage to help bring in that extra oomph — a personal touch that makes all the difference for millennial consumers. 

Make it For, By, and About Women

Millennial generation women definitely grew up with the boss babe mentality, and they’ve outgrown it in favor of a wise, more critical view of the modern women’s rights movement. That’s part of the reason that classic empowerment rhetoric no longer does the job. 

The very best way to avoid this kind of shallow marketing is to make sure that there are women in positions of power when it comes to everything from writing LinkedIn copy to promoting your ecommerce store. 

When you have a wide range of positions filled by women, it will help to showcase that your business isn’t just blowing smoke and will make it easier to use the language that entices the right kind of consumers every time. 

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Weird

Influencer marketing is easily one of the best ways to connect with potential customers, but you can also stand out by doing things that are a little unique and unusual. Make the most of your business’s mascots, promote your business using viral sounds or songs, or consider other funny, different, or quirky methods for making your business stand out. 

Millennials are likely to respond to creative methods, which can be excellent for your business’s growth. 


When it comes to digital marketing, you have options. Whether you’re looking to grow your social media presence or really promote your new brand, there’s a way to do so that will help you appeal to millennial consumers.

10PM Curfew is here to help you along the way. Our team is dedicated to matching brands with the influencing team that’s best for targeting your specific demographic and meeting your consumer base where they live. 

We’ll help to find the right language and multimedia content to make certain that you come across as authentic and accessible, and we’ll help you to develop the best content for sharing and saving.

Another thing to consider when marketing toward millennial women is the women’s empowerment message. It’s important to strike the right tone between championing and authenticity to make sure that consumers know you always deliver on your word.

You can learn more about all the best ways to market your business, according to female social publishers. Begin connecting with millennial buyers with the support of our team today.


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