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How Social Publisher Networks Can Help With Podcast Promotion

Whether you’re a financial podcast gal or all about true crime, you know that bite-sized stories are the perfect way to tap into your favorite hyperfixation, and we’re all for it. 

Podcasts are a growing and exciting form of high-quality digital content, and it’s easy to fall in love with the unsolved, the mysterious, or the baffling on your morning hot girl walk. From Apple Podcasts in iTunes to Google Podcasts, there’s a podcast app and library with stories that will inspire and excite.

But how do podcast episodes fit into your online content marketing strategies and social media branding and development? Chances are, there are many great opportunities for you and your new podcast to find the target audience, share cross-promotion with other great hosts, and make the most of your other digital marketing options, from email marketing to Facebook groups. 

We have your closer look at how you can leverage your favorite social media channels to boost your podcast marketing — brought to you by 10PM Curfew, your go-to for female lifestyle content. 

How Can Social Publisher Networks Help Your Podcast?

Navigating the digital landscape and social media platforms can be overwhelming, especially when you’re just starting. 

And planning, researching, writing, and directing all those podcast episodes is no joke, dude. 

That’s why you’ll want to develop podcast marketing that doesn’t pull you away from making the best possible podcast for too long, but allows you to boost your downloads and reach tons of podcast listeners. These are just a few of the different ways social media can help. 

It’ll Help You Reach Your Audience

Different podcasts will have different podcast listeners, and it’s important to make sure you’re reaching out to the right potential listeners and new audiences. When you promo your materials on social media, you can get to look at the numbers of who’s interacting, who’s following along, and what kind of audiences are most interested in your content and stories. 

Of course, the different types of social media channels tend to have different demographics and podcast audiences, but this can be useful to remember when deciding what platform to grow your brand on. 

It’s a Way To Share Teasers and Previews

One of the reasons we love podcasts is because they make for great multimedia content — and multimedia content is sharable. 

This can be true even if you have an audio clip and you’re sharing on a visual platform. All you need are a few mics and some lighting, and you’ve opened up a whole new avenue for promotion and branding.

Sharing these teasers, like clips from the latest episodes, calls to action, details from the research, or even a little background info on your podcast guest, will help to draw in more of those appropriate audiences. They’ll be coming for the rest of your podcast, which means they’re interested in the story you have to tell and what you have to say. 

It Makes You Accessible and Interesting

When it comes to the best podcasts, so much success depends on the podcast hosting. Viewers and listeners want to feel intrigued, engaged, and excited about the story and how it’s being told or to sit back and enjoy the funny banter of two best friends. 

Podcasts about expertise, like financial or scientific, should be experts and come across professionally.

Because the host for your podcasts is so essential, you want to be able to leverage that host and make them accessible so audiences and viewers feel like they’re part of the story. 

Social media is a great way to do this. It makes you available for questions and comments and helps you to set the tone for how your audience interacts with the content you post. It also allows you to create a brand tone, which you can use across all of the different social platforms. 

Listeners feel like they’re reaching someone familiar, and you’re able to interact safely.

It Helps Track Metrics

One of the handy ways to maximize your social media presence, whether you’re on YouTube or Spotify, is by looking at the metrics

Metrics are essential for telling us if there is any business growth, for insight into our demographics and audiences, and even for determining what steps to take next. 

Tracking metrics is useful for knowing what content marketing tactics are best for your biz, what platforms you should be scrolling (or scrolling more), and even the colors and fonts you should use for your brand and podcast website.

It Keeps Audiences Engaged After the Fact

We know you have a huge library of podcast episodes to binge (and so do we), and social media marketing is the best way to share all of them. 

While some podcasts may be timely, a lot have evergreen content that can be shared again and again, which means you don’t need to worry about reinventing the wheel when it comes to creating shareable and great content for social platforms. 

If they see an older episode or clip, you might find new listeners who want to enjoy the whole collection. You put a ton of late nights and early mornings into creating your podcasts, writing transcripts, and going over show notes, and they definitely shouldn’t be collecting dust. 

It Opens Up the Conversation

If you think a topic is interesting enough to create a whole podcast about, others will probably find it unique and exciting, too. And that means engagement doesn’t end when the podcast does. 

Social media allows you to open a new conversation about the different information, themes, and guests you have on your show. 

This fosters engagement, boosting your visibility and making it easier for you to get in front of even more potential listeners. It also makes listening a little more interactive and a lot more fun, and allows for the opportunity to share other materials and information related to the topic you’re covering. 

It Helps You Find New Topics and Guests

We love, love, love the way the internet and social media have allowed us to connect with people all around the world. 

With social media, you can tap into the needs of your audience and answer their questions and concerns, which is always an effective way to get listeners coming back and to meet them where they live. You’ll also find inspiration for new episodes and scripts from individuals with first-hand experience or stories of their own.

A lot of the beauty of a successful podcast is the chance for guests to come on and talk about their stories or experiences, and creating an expansive social presence can help you to find the right people for your next show. 

It Allows for Partnerships and Leverage

Also, consider how social media can help you develop partnerships and find digital content creators interested in sharing your work. 

The sponsorships and partnerships you develop will help keep your podcast running, and higher social media metrics mean that you have leverage when it comes to setting terms. It also means you can work with larger influencers and creators in the future, which is just another great way to build and grow.

The Final Lowdown

Whether you love learning Italian, talking aliens, or diving into the history of the printing press, there’s a podcast with a host who’s just as excited as you are. Social media is the best way for us to share our favorite podcasts and find new podcasts with information and stories we’ll want to listen to again and again.

That’s why podcast hosts and directors won’t want to miss out on the opportunity to grow their brand, meet potential listeners, and even find guests for the show on the many different social platforms, like TikTok and YouTube. 

Social media is a promotional strategy that helps you find your audience, track your growth, and stay engaged in the conversation. There are many different ways to build and grow your social platforms, landing pages, and email lists so they reflect your brand and your personal style.

10PM Curfew is here to help you navigate the weeds, because social can definitely feel overwhelming at the start (and in the middle, let’s be honest). We’re sharing the details, information, and insights you need for your podcast promotion, in order to find the right relationships, boost SEO, and to make high-quality content that stands out, so you can focus on solving the next great mystery for your listeners.


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