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Skin Care Product Must Haves

Calling all skincare warriors! We know that taking care of our skin is the ultimate flex. Few compliments feel better than the one where someone says, “Your skin looks great.” That one gets us right in the feels. 

Regardless of your age, achieving that lit-from-within glow is the ultimate goal. And we are here to help you reach your goals. So, today, we are spilling the tea on the must-have skincare products that will level up your skincare routine, rid of any skin concerns, and help you slay the skincare game. 

From cleansers to serums to moisturizers to masks, we’ve got you covered with the best skincare products. So get ready to step up your skincare regimen with these products that speak your skin’s language. Here’s what you need to know to keep your skin on point. 

1. Cleansers

You’ve had a long day slaying life, and now it’s time to slay your skincare routine. The first step? Cleansing! 

It’s the ultimate reset button for your face, wiping away the dirt, oil, and impurities that dared to mess with your flawless complexion. 

Get ready to say “au revoir” to the gunk and “hello” to a fresh canvas to work your skincare magic on. 

We’ve found a couple of killer must-have cleansers that are absolute game-changers. These are the MVPs of your skincare routine, ensuring that your skin is clean, clear, and ready to take on the world. 

Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

This cult favorite cleanser is gentle on the skin but gets the job done. And it does so by leaving your skin feeling soft, clean, and hydrated. Few things feel worse than skin stripped of hydration thanks to a harsh face wash. That’s certainly not the case with the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser

Its pH-balanced formula is perfect for all skin types, though you may way to watch out for the rose scent. This cleanser is subtle and doesn’t bother everyone’s skin, but if yours is especially sensitive, you may want to spot-test this before putting it all over your face. 

CeraVeHydratingFacial Cleanser

This face cleanser continues to stand the test of time and still remains at the top of one of the best cleansers ever, literally. It’s a drugstore gem that is easy to find and light on the wallet, and what’s not to love about that? 

It’s formulated with ceramides and hyaluronic acid, which means that it gently cleanses your skin without stripping away the natural skin barrier and moisture it needs to look and feel oh-so-fresh. 

This cleanser also works great as a makeup remover for your 

We don’t mean to sound dramatic, but this CeraVecleanser is absolutely a holy grail for dry skin and sensitive skin types and will leave you feeling fabulous. 

2. Serums

Let’s talk serums. These little powerhouses are like superheroes for your skin, packed with potent ingredients that tackle your specific skincare concerns head-on. 

If you’re ready to take your skincare game to the next level and unleash your inner glow, then serums are about to become your new BFFs.

Let’s break it down: serums are like that secret weapon in your skincare routine that everyone should be buzzing about but isn’t. Serums go above and beyond your daily moisturizer and deliver targeted solutions for issues like acne-prone skin, redness, fine lines, and more. Oh ya, and they’re great for anti-aging, too. Consider them your skincare sidekicks, ready to save the day and give your skin the extra boost that it wants and needs. 

Here are some serums you may want to consider adding to your skincare collection.

Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum

Drunk Elephant is a fave of ours thanks to its clean ingredients that really make your skin feel stellar. And this vitamin C serum is certainly one of our top Drunk Elephant squad picks. 

This powerhouse is your secret weapon for a brighter and more even-toned complexion. It’s packed with antioxidants that work to fade dark spots and even out skin tone while also boosting collagen production and firming your skin. 

Hello, youthful radiance! Prepare to glow like the goddess you are with the help of this serum. 

The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% Oil Control Serum

The Ordinary has revolutionized the skincare game with its affordable products that work wonders on the skin, and this niacinamide is no exception. If you struggle with an oily complexion, this is your savior. 

In addition to controlling oil, it also reduces the appearance of pores and boosts your skin’s texture while keeping your breakouts at bay. Seriously – what can’t this serum do? 

Thanks to this, you’ll have a smoother and more balanced complexion in a matter of weeks. 

3. Moisturizers

Picture this: your skin, glowing like a goddess, radiating that youthful vibe that gets heads turning. The secret? It all starts with hydration. 

Whether your skin leans more towards the Sahara Desert or the Great Barrier Reef, finding the perfect moisturizer is non-negotiable. 

We’ve got the scoop on two must-have moisturizers that will level up your hydration game and leave your skin looking and feeling like a million bucks. 

Youth To The People Superfood Air-Whip Moisture Cream

With ingredients that sound like they belong in a smoothie, this moisturizer is a superfood for your skin. With kale, spinach, green tea, and more, your skin will thank you for delivering to it this green dream.

The whipped texture melts right into the skin as it gives a massive boost of hydration, leaving you with a velvety finish that will make you feel like a whole new human. 

Whether you’ve got combination or oily skin, this cream is perfect for you. 

Tatcha The Water Cream

Looking for a lightweight moisturizer that will leave your skin feeling dreamy? We’ve got just the thing. Tatcha The Water Cream is a gel-cream lotion that slays intense hydration but won’t leave you feeling greasy or like you’ve got product packed on your skin. 

Infused with Japanese botanicals, this cream will have you feeling refreshed and prepped for makeup or a day of au natural skin free of anything but your natural beauty. 

Think of this like a tall glass of hydration for your skin. 

4. Masks

Masks may not be an everyday thing, but when it comes to giving your skin some extra love and leveling up your skincare game, at-home masks are the bomb. It’s time to elevate your skincare routine and unleash that lit-from-within glow. 

So, get ready to indulge in some serious self-care with our top picks for face masks. These babies are the perfect way to pamper yourself a couple of times a week and give your skin some extra attention. 

Here are our must-haves that you’ll want to get on ASAP. 

Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

We all remember when this mask hit the scene a few years back. It was absolute chaos. People were losing their minds over this mask, and tbh, we still are.

That’s because this mask is the secret to getting rid of tired, dull, and dead skin and replacing it with hydration. So if you’re a late-night hustler or catching lots of flights (but no feelings), this mask is for you. It will seriously help with those dark circles under your eyes.

It’s amped full of nourishing ingredients like vitamin C and vitamin E, which means you can expect it to plump your skin and leave it looking revitalized, fresh, and radiant. This product is seriously a game changer for achieving that radiant glow. 

Sand & Sky Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

Another cult favorite, this mask is ideal for clearing out clogged pores, ridding of blemishes, and refining the texture of your skin. 

As the name states, this mask is infused with Australian pink clay and botanical extracts that detoxify and brighten your skin. As you can probably guess, this will leave you with smoother and more radiant skin that looks and feels as smooth as a baby’s bottom. 

5. Sunscreen

We couldn’t leave out the superhero of skincare. This step is essential for some in protecting skin from UV rays. It also works to prevent premature aging and sunspots and reduces skin cancer risk. Trust us when we say that your future self will thank you for applying sunscreen.

Let’s get into our top picks for a sunscreen that will keep you protected yet still feel like your skin has room to breathe. 

Supergoop! Unseen SunscreenSPF 40

This invisible, lightweight sunscreen is a game-changer. It goes on as smooth as silk and doesn’t give you a white cast or any greasy residue, making it perfect for everyday wear on its own or under makeup. 

Plus, we love that this broad-spectrum SPF is packed with antioxidants that give you extra protection against not just the sun but other environmental stressors. 

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Melt-In Milk SunscreenSPF 60

If you’re in need of high SPF that still lets your natural skin shine through, this sunscreen is for you. It’s formula is lightweight and fast-absorbing, leaving your skin feeling soft and hydrated. 

Bonus points: it’s fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin. 

The Wrap-Up

Incorporating these bomb beauty products into your skincare routine will take your skin to the next level and give you that boost of confidence you’ve been looking for. 

Though we love what quality products can do for our skin, it’s important to remember that skincare isn’t just about looking good – it’s about feeling good, too. And the feeling of giving yourself that extra step or two of self-care can go a long way. So invest your time and money into products that give your unique skin what it needs. 

Whether you’re dealing with acne, dryness, puffiness, hyperpigmentation, or just want some extra glow, these products deliver (and for convenience, most of these beauty products are available at Sephora, Ulta, and Amazon, so you don’t have to go through your dermatologist to get them).

In order to get the best results from adding any or all of these products into your routine, you must be consistent. You can’t expect much from one use (and you really shouldn’t). 

Take time to create a skincare ritual that feels fun and exciting and helps you slow down in your day to take that extra time for yourself — because we all know that stress will wreak havoc on your skin and may even render your skincare routine useless. 

So, go forth and slay with your radiant skin. And remember that confidence is the best skincare out there. So embrace your skin exactly as it is, give it lots of love, and leave space for your natural beauty to shine through. 

Keep glowing, babes, with the help of the hottest Millennial and Gen-Z lifestyle content in the game, brought to you by 10PM Curfew. 


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