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TikTok Fashion Trends To Look Out for

Fashion trends used to start on the runways, but now you’re just as likely to see the latest in fashion and style emerge at the front of your For You page. TikTok fashion trends from influencers and celebrities have become all the rage, and it’s little wonder why. 

Fashion has long been used to create a sense of identity, find your place in a culture, and express who you truly are — and now you can share all that with your followers.

Get inspired and make the most of your closet with a closer look at the fashion trends of TikTok, the best Amazon and ASOS dupes for high-fashion brands, and hacks and tips for developing your personal style today. 

TikTok Fashion Trends

Fashion reflects what’s going on in the world around us and inspires it. Hollywood movies lend themselves to nostalgic microtrends, and the rise of Renaissance faires has us all longing for a life in the Shire. The fashion industry helps to move society and culture, and TikTok fashions help us to be part of that ever-changing tide.

So where do we start? These are just a few top TikTok fashion trends you can begin embracing at home — and online — today. 


Listen, we know you’re going to see The Barbie Movie over Oppenheimer because we’re going to see The Barbie Movie over Oppenheimer. (She’s everything. He’s just Ken.) You should have the outfit perfect for the premier. 

Barbiecore is an embracing of the bright, pink, and ultra-feminine styles of the Barbie universe and plays on the nostalgia of childhood, fairy wings, and hair that changes color in water. The two most iconic elements of Barbiecore fashion are bright pink shades and fluffy short heels, but you can really make this look all your own. 


On the totally opposite side of the feminine scale is the cottagecore style. Cottagecore style has been on trend for a while, but who can blame us for wanting to bake bread and picnic with friends all day? 

TikTok has also helped us to up our cottagecore looks with inspiring outfits, home décor, and general Cottagecore vibes. Cottagecore is typically made up of loose and comfortable dresses and skirts, which may have corset tops or puffy sleeves. 

If you can generally picture yourself picking flowers or playing the main character in a Studio Ghibli film, you’ve nailed the cottagecore look. 


Barbiecore isn’t the only TikTok trend that plays on our love of nostalgia. Y2K fashion is, by definition, a trend for the turn of the century, and you likely already have all the pieces for the look tucked into the back of your closet. (Ask your sister; she definitely still has the body glitter). 

Y2K is bold and exciting, featuring bright colors, space-age styles, and fun accessories like mini sunglasses and fluffy purses. There’s just no denying that this resurgence of early 2000s fashion is fun and easy to personalize. 

Crochet Pieces

Fashion is all about pushing the envelope, which sometimes means you have to be the first to step out looking like grandma’s favorite Afghan blanket. In the warmer months, the cute, breathable, and easy-to-customize crochet pieces are sure to be a hit. 

Of course, they look cute for sweaters, but it’s hard not to fall in love with crochet crop tops, bags, and skirts. Crochet dresses are also an exciting option for the summer, and you can even follow a few crafting influencers to learn how to make them at home yourself.

Bold Mini Skirts

Mini skirts are a fashion staple, but they won’t be leading the pack this summer. That spot is reserved for the midis and the maxis. 

Still, miniskirts have a sacred place in fashion history, and it’s easy to add them to many of your favorite styles and aesthetics. And, since fashion comes full circle after a time, we are definitely seeing a revitalization of the skort, the perfect skirt and short combination.

If you are going to rock a mini skirt this summer — and you should — opt for something bold. A statement miniskirt in a unique pattern, color, or textile is perfect for creating a TikTok-inspired fashion look that really is your own. 

Crop Tops

Listen, we love a good crop top. (Bring back crops for men, too!) Crop tops are always in favor on TikTok because they’re just so easy to customize and upgrade, whether you love a clean girl aesthetic with an athletic tee or you’re dressing up a cross with a checked blazer for those work-from-home meetings. 

One of the reasons crop tops work so well is because high-waisted is in style right now, which means you can maintain the modesty that makes you feel comfortable, all while embracing this retro and classic piece.

Capsule Wardrobe

If you’re looking to revamp your style, you can’t go wrong with a capsule wardrobe. Capsule wardrobes are small collections with versatile pieces that can be used in many different ways. 

They tend to have more neutrals, and the pieces are of higher quality, so you can mix and match dozens, if not hundreds, of different outfits, especially if you add on accessories. If you’re not ready to commit to a whole capsule wardrobe, consider taking one on your next vacation. It’ll save you room in the suitcase and give you lots of options to pick from the day of.


When it comes to fun and whimsical looks, another exciting style is mermaidcore. It’s the perfect blend of wet drapery and makeup with elegant and feminine textiles like lace and sheer fabrics. 

Mermaidcore can be as realistic (yes, we def know mermaids aren’t real) as you like, with sea-inspired accessories and mermaid cut dresses, or you can pay homage to the mermaid look with blue, purple, and green outfits and a little looseness and drapery. Create the perfect mermaid look to enjoy The Little Mermaid in style this summer. 

Cargo Pants

It’s a well-known fact that women’s clothes just don’t have big enough pockets — if they have pockets at all! Cargo pants are the perfect solution. Cargo pants are a style that originated in workwear, and they maintain some of that functionality, but they’re easy to style and elevate — just look at our favorite crime fighter Kim Possible for a little inspiration. 

You can pair your cargo pants with a crop top, chunky heels, and tiny sunglasses for a high-fashion streetwear look that’s sure to stand out. And don’t forget to make the most of those pockets. 


Can’t get enough of the ultra-feminine styles? Coquette is the TikTok fashion trend for you. Coquette is a style that features pastels and neutrals and embraces all things pink. It’s made up of light and elegant textiles, like lace, and often features details and accessories that make the look even more girly. 

If you love the frills, bows, pearls, and knee-high socks, coquette is a can’t-miss TikTok style for you to try. 

Denim Maxi Skirts

Maybe coquette isn’t for you — but denim maxi skirts might be. Midi and maxi skirts are definitely in style this summer and bring subtle nostalgia to center stage. 

They’re a little 1990s and a little 2023, and they’re very easy to customize and style up or down, depending on your preferred look. New denim maxi skirts will likely have high slits and uneven hems, but this is a silhouette you won’t want to miss this summer. 


No matter your style, there’s a TikTok trend that’s sure to tickle your fancy. From streetwear to the ultra girly, from Kim Kardashian to the Hadid sisters, you can mix and match online styles and pieces to create a look that’s all your own. 

That may mean embracing unique cultures and aesthetics, or it may mean putting together unusual tops and bottoms, but whether you’re attending the Barbie premiere or the Ren Faire, you’re sure to find something you love.

10PM Curfew has you covered. We’re the team to turn to for the latest online trends and hits and for when you want to know just what’s coming around the corner. We’ve got our ear to the ground on what Gen-Z might just come up with next, and we’re all about trying out new trends and styles to find that new you. 

Begin developing the perfect look for your next adventure or for the new you this summer with support from 10PM Curfew and the fashion influencers of TikTok today.


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