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9 TikTok Trends That Are Worth Trying

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms on the market today, and it’s easy to see why. The fast pace and exciting, stimulating content means we’re always engaged and always able to find something that tickles our fancy. 

TikTok is fast and colorful, easy to search and target, and always populating — and that means lots of opportunities for your business to grow and expand with the support of social media promotion — all without spending a dime.

It also means that you’ll need to find ways to stand out from the crowd, especially given the fast nature of TikTok. And it can be more than worth it when you do since TikTok is a platform where it’s easy to go viral and reach very specific audiences that might be interested in buying your products. The good news is that you have options. 

By tapping into the trends and themes popular on TikTok, you’re more likely to go viral and reach broader audiences, and that means growth for both your social media presence and your business at large. Learn about some of the top trends you can try for your company on TikTok today. 

What Are Some TikTok Trends To Try?

There isn’t much use in looking at specific trending sounds or practices since TikTok turns over so fast that the list published today will be obsolete by tomorrow. That said, there are a few staples that you can expect to find in different forms and formats every time you open TikTok, and they’re easy to recreate. 

Search the specific popular videos, sounds, and formats of some of the following TikTok trends, and begin boosting your business presence on social today. 

1. Dancing to Popular Songs

TikTok is a whole lot more than just a dancing app. That said, it definitely is a dancing app. People love to hear new or favorite songs, and there’s a lot of fun to be had when dances and movements go viral. Because this trend has been a staple of the TikTok brand since the very start, you can expect it to be a safe and reliable trend to return to when you’re just not sure what kind of content to add to your account.

One of the cool things about this trend is that it’s easy to customize. You can add transitions into the video to highlight the products your new clothing brand has to offer, use a popular dance to show off your brand-new single, or even dance and lip-sync while baking. There are many ways to make the classic dance trend represent your business. 

2. Pack an Order With Me

If you run a business that features products, you just can’t go wrong with a Pack an Order With Me video. These videos can be as long or as short as you like, and they’re pretty self-explanatory. Simply showcase you or an employee packing up a recent order to showcase the types of products your company has to offer and even what customers can expect to see when their package arrives.

This trend is especially popular with mystery boxes since it shows customers some of what might be arriving if they decide to order a mystery box. If your packing videos get enough traction, you may find comments requesting that certain orders be packed, which is great! 

It gives you the chance to engage with your target audience and even boosts your visibility as a brand. You can also count on these videos to always be a good content option if you’re just not sure what to film next. 

3. Get Ready With Me

Another staple of the genre is the Get Ready With Me

There’s a reason these videos are so popular with influencers since they allow for a lot of product highlighting and can really serve as a reinforcement of the brand style. When these videos were first introduced, they mostly focused on getting ready for a day at school or work. 

Now, you have a little more flexibility, and some may include GRWM to break up with your boyfriend, star in your first Broadway show, or book a last-minute trip to London. They can be fun and a little silly, but they’re a great way to highlight you as a creator and the different things that your business has to offer. 

4. Day in the Life

Another cute little slice-of-life video that you’ll find on TikTok is the Day in the Life video. This is perfect for new business owners because it shows a curated behind-the-scenes look at what goes into building their brand and what potential customers can expect when they walk through the door or make an online purchase. 

You can use these types of videos to show off your store or location, highlight some of the new products you have on hand in a non-salesy way, and generally just make your brand more accessible to potential customers. 

5. Collaborations

Of course, there’s nothing like an online collaboration regarding advertising and promotion for your brand, and there are many different ways to go about them. One of the most obvious and effective is hiring influencers. Influencers work hard to create their audiences, and you can tap into that audience through sponsorships or advertising, which means you don’t have to start from scratch.

You can also collaborate by making videos with other creators, a fun and exciting way to blend different audiences and bring in new themes and ideas. This is a good option if you’re launching a specific collection or new product that fits into a fellow collaborator’s niche. 

6. Transitions

Who doesn’t love a good transition video? Transition videos are great for businesses that feature products or services for big changes. That might mean a business for home décor, organizing, or even baking, with an obvious before and after. Layer your transition with a viral sound to get a video people are sure to like. 

7. Viral Sounds

Of course, you can’t go wrong searching for the most viral sounds and making the most of them on your videos. Sometimes the sounds have specific motions or actions associated with them, like running through a field or transforming a home, and sometimes there’s a little more room for creativity and potential. 

When you use viral sounds, you can increase your likelihood of going viral and getting in front of more eyes, which is helpful for growing your brand on TikTok and off. 

8. Oh-So-Satisfying

ASMR has been all the rage for years, and it’s easy to see why so many people tune in to listen to satisfying sounds. You can make ASMR videos, as well as satisfying visual videos for your brand since this is one trend that’s sure to stick around. 

One common type of satisfying video to watch is baking, where bakers will draw beautiful lines or symmetrical designs on their cookies or cakes. Other types include organizing and redecorating videos, but there are many ways to make satisfying videos work for your brand.

9. Storytime

If you have funny or interesting stories related to your brand, sharing them on your page with a Storytime can be cool.

It’s important to use discretion when optimizing the Storytime trend, especially if you’re a business, since badmouthing clients or customers can definitely come back to bite you (Cakegate 2023, anyone). But harmless stories can provide a little extra insight into your business and the people behind the curtain.


These are just a few different ways you can optimize your business and multimedia content to stand out on TikTok. The more you show up on the For You page, the more you’ll be able to reach potential customers and really achieve the following that you and your business deserve.

While the trends and popular features are always changing, there are a few different types of popular videos you can expect to see over and over again. This includes dance videos, Day in the Life, and Get Ready with Me videos and the use of viral sounds. The best way to determine which trend is best for your business is to check out trending videos, explore the hashtags, and see what TikTok videos are making you pause your scroll. 

All of these trends and other popular TikTok trends can be updated and customized to fit your business and help that business really grow.

Learn more about optimizing your TikTok profile, working with influencers, and developing the ultimate online brand with support from 10PM Curfew. Join our team to get started today.


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